The trotters 

Traveling doesn’t always mean that you go discover far away and exotic places.

I traveled a lot in my life, first of all because I was an Italian expat in France for 15 years, living 900km from the first frontier and 3000 from my hometown.

Then because I met people from all around that nice country of mine and beyond.

For the last five years I’ve been coming back and forward to the Côte d’Azur where my mom and now my grandma live.

Today was one of those days. Wake up at 5. Took a taxi, then a train to meet the girls and their father at my mother in law.

Traveling with kids is something else. We sang, a lot. We ate, a bit. Then eventually they fell asleep, just in time to miss this.

You know what they say. Home is not where your home is, but with the people you feel home with. We had a day of spending time all together, we were tired but happy.

Now it’s 10pm and since the house is packed with people needing quality sleep (kids and elderlies), I’m doing what I’ve done my whole life, from being 6 to being 21, sneaky reading after curfew.