Hors Saison

There’s Something I always loved about going to sea places in Autumn or Winter. Not that I particularly like those times of the year, but there is something there. When it’s raining, when it is cold, cloudy and so. The sea look different, it takes back its places, washing away men’s presence. 

I can be positive, winter by the sea is my favorite place and moment to be. The air is filled with salt and wildness. 

When only the people from the place are around. 

And you have time to discover cosy little places you wasn’t able to find while in the summer, when the town was filled with tourists and you minimized your presence around to avoid mass confusion.

And you spend time inside, cooking all together for example, typical winter mountain food like Tartiflette. Which also mean teaching your kids those recipes that will one day become part of your family patrimony.

And you have time for indoor time spending, sharing moments that get losts when you’re rushing everyone at the beach to find a “decent place” for your parasol. Like piano lessons.