Passing days

Those days has been pretty intense. 

On the optics of rationalizing our home, I’m making space, rearranging furniture, finding small spaces and interior solutions as well as getting rid of all things we don’t need.

The girls room had a restyling. A personal space for each and a toddler bed for Tati, at last.

And obviously I didn’t had any time to work on my wardrobe. I put all their stuff and home stuff in order but could not take a time for mine.

Well, next week end.

In the meantime school is reminding me Christmas is coming soon. 

Our tree will be a lot smaller but we are going to enjoy every part of making it.

Christmas kid’s art game is going strong around here.

Tomorrow I have El Elementary school meeting. I’m currently considering two different Montessori schools. We’ll see what I’ll like and eventually dislike about both of them. I’m staying positive that we will find a school that can fit that little high cognitive potential sweetie.

Meanwhile Tati