Voiliers & Burschenshaft

Sometimes you just happen to visit beautiful, strange, unexpected places.
Places that take you back in time by their aesthetic, their quiet, their somehow simplicity. 
Recently I’ve come to the idea there is a certain form of modern piracy in relaying on things past. It is not a stand against modernity in its whole but in its deregulated form. 
I am a progressist on certain matters and a traditionalist on others, for sure on human interactions. We lack codes, we lack education and honor, because yes, honor is still a value we often define wrongly. 

I’ve come across pirates these days and there’s something revolutionary about being one here and now. Modernism is a value as long as it is combined with true reliable progress, which doesn’t mean the rush and run forward without cognition of what (as individual, group, humanity) we are willing to archive through it.

Shipping. Life is just like shipping. You have to find the right ways with what’s on your hands to reach a place. And that place is a better world. Those days of travelling into piracy came to me in the middle of the reading of Popper’s “Auf der Suche nach einer besseren Welt”, which I will talk about in a later post of literature comparacy (subject: critic and deconstruction of modernity).

I like the idea of sharing something as trivial as a regional food plate just after talking about Popper. Because people are everything. From thinkers to eaters. And there’s nothing less important in feeding your body correctly than in feeding your brain.

“Earth may have its corrupt people, but I’ll lay down my life for the value it has.” – Captain Harlock