The red and the green

I just love Christmas. And Christmas decorations. I love the warm feeling they bring into any house.

I don’t have a big house. Nor a fancy one to be honest. But it’s the best I could have and it’s lovely, tho I’m constantly working on it.

Just today we started talking Christmas family organization. As much as I love to be with my mother and grandmother at that time of the year, I must also admit I’m tired. I need rest, sleep, very little stress. I’d also maybe like some solo time with my girls.

We’ll see what we will come up with. At the same time the end of the year will be spent in the mountains, surrounded by snow. As for doing something different and for the girls to see their dad, working up there.

Now I just want to start baking things and eat them with the girls along with some fresh milk with honey.

I understand the wish for change of today but don’t forget to look in the past to bring back to life festive spirit and harmony, commitment to the loved ones whether they’re close to you or far away.