Happy days, whatever the “but”

We had two strange days.

Tati started to have fever on Saturday afternoon, didn’t sleep until 3 in the morning, Bb got a gluten intoxication at lunch so at 4 in the morning she got badly sick.


We had a wonderful Christmas eve dinner in our little house with a lot of good sea food on our little table.

Let alone the night we woke up in harmony to unpack all the gifts the girls had received by Santa here at home (two rounds more tomorrow with all the gifts he left at the grandparents houses).

I wish everything had been perfect but with a sick toddler nothing was easy and we didn’t have a true Christmas lunch. But the girls were happy, no matter how down I may have been deep inside.

Still we had our traditional sicilian dish in the evening, everyone loved it, thanks to grandma for exact process.

We all slept so today we went for a little walk in the park.

I love parks in the winter.

So in the end?

It was an imperfect happy Christmas.