Ah those holidays

The last days of the year, without the girls going to school have been pretty intense.

My folks came to visit, we had a nice walk around the city, besides Tati and I were recovering from fever and flu and cough all together.

I found that strange memorabilia spot from an unknown collector who expose his things in those glassed spaces shops usually use as reinforcement of their vitrines.

As for the rest, simple time home, drawing, watching cartoons, resting as much as possibile, preparing for the three days in the mountains.

So we managed to come up here even we almost the way to since I was sold the wrong bus tickets, so we took the train instead to Oulx (picture below) then two buses up the mountains.

Not as much snow as we wished but enough to have fun and consider it a great time.

So we hang out in nice places, right now everyone is sleeping (we woke up before 6).

 Tonight on the last evening of the old year we will have some grilled meat and tomorrow morning after breakfast we’re going for a walk in the wild and high snow. What a better way to start a new year?