On being afraid 

Yesterday I was afraid. Very afraid. Children-safety-related afraid.

That’s a fear that goes away only when you’re told “I assure you, you can go home safely, it was something different from last time, here’s the therapy, see you in a few days if nothing different happens”.

So today is Epiphany so no school for El either. I’m trying to relax myself, recollect my thoughts and all the stress Tati and I went trough yesterday.

So I focused on my desk, get it generally in order. Order helps fear to go away.

I guess we are never prepared to our kids to be sick and the uncertainty that sometimes surrounds a health condition is probably one of the most stressful thing of all in a parent’s life.

Despite the sun outside we’ll stay home today, I strongly need no stress at all. Wished we could order some pizza from here, nor moving or cooking at all.

Home time is sometime the best time at all.