9 years

You will always have your place in my heart.

As in youth

As in how I will forever remember you.

It is strange for me, I am not particularly attached to people I don’t know, I don’t grieve artists when they die, I am sometimes sorry when it is someone very artistically relevant or that I somehow connect to a piece of my life.

But you. You revealed me something so important. Every time I see you act I see myself. 

The first time I went to see BBM in was late in the year 2005 and all I could see of it was Ennis. Not you. Ennis. Ennis is all I never wanted to be in my life. The one that prohibits himself happiness, the one that chooses to live as pretender because of passivity, because of fear. 

That character became so important to me, still is. And you made me aware of the way how acting should be done, today, when actors play so lightly even in the most dramatic roles. Where drama is so wrongfully painted.

You had the true sorrow, the true despair, the true inner pain. 

I wished I would have enjoyed your art for a lifetime.

You would have been the greatest of all.