Current mood: I should definitely sacrifice a sheep to Thor

When life decide you have shoulders big enough to carry any weight.

And when you realize life is absolutely fucking right.

If I would believe in something maybe I’d find in difficulties something to accept as fate chosen for me.

But since I only believe in me and the forces of the universe I just feel quite tired.

This is a picture from two weeks ago in my hometown where it practically never snow. I don’t really miss that place, I was always a stranger to everything and everyone.

Last week El and I went to see that Toulouse Lautrec exhibit, mostly sketches, it was different and really enjoyable for both of us.

I’ve been spending a lot of time at home, T has an health condition we haven’t nailed already so even she’s still in day care I find myself not going to the gym or so for the fear of missing a call. In some days we will have more tests results that should help us understand what is happening to her and how to make her feel better. 

So I drink tea, a lot of tea. And read and watch Vikings when I’m too tired or preoccupied to read.

I just want my girl to go back to her usual self.

We also made El’s inscription to Elementary School those past few days. Huge step. I feel happy, excited and hopelessly old.