Working double shifts on the weekend make feel like I sometimes miss quiet family time.

But this Sundays has been great anyway. We had an hour and an half painting session.

Which was by the way Tati first Attempt at watercolor. And she enjoyed it lot. She’s very patient and precise, two things I didn’t really expected from her. Kids always do amaze us.

We had such an amazing soundtrack for the afternoon. Cause yeah, I’m so cheap and basic I love Bon Jovi to the bones. Try me on that.

Then it also was tea and snack time. And to continue on my cheap self, please be introduced to my wonderful kitch to the most tea boiler. 

We played “find the hidden items”

And Now I’m almost headed back to work. The upcoming week is full of meetings, doctors appointments, things to do, trains to catch for work, relatives to pick up at train stations, papers to do and so and so.

There are some news of my life but now is not the time to talk about it.