On books for March

On those last days of February I managed to finish reading Lasch 600pages critique of progress. It took my one month to read it, and considering the matter it could have taken me lot more. All the part about puritanical ideas for society was very hard to fully understand, I stood on it for a while.

Anyway, after that I offered myself 24 hours or less of mental break by reading Immanuel Casto’s biography. It was hilarious and fantastic at the same time. The guy is so not serious where the bio totally is, just amazing.

On March my plans are currently the followings:

. Trop intelligents pour être heureux – Jeannnd Siaud Facchin

. Lord of Chaos – Michael Moynihan / Didrik Søderlind

. Pape Satàn Aleppe – Umberto Eco

. Johnny Cash’s Autobiography 

. Katherine – Rupert Thomson
Yes I like to read what I like and not what is talked about. But eh, at each its own. 

Just remember than nothing is more important than reading and learning.

So now back to those days pages, so actual even if we don’t want to see the European trend for right movements.