Like a candle in the wind

And what’s your superpower?

Mine are extreme multitasking, sleeping 5 hours a night during which waking up 3 to 5 times for different children’s needs is a normal administration, endless endurance, juggling which little money and loads of payments, cooking,making laundry and doing pilates all at the same time.

And still be fucking happy.

Believe me, that’s the hell of a superpower.

On the range of normal living, spring is coming along. Theatre season continues for El, the flowers are everywhere and it’s just happiness all around.

I’m reading even more than usual, it relaxes me more than ever. I know, I should get a social life. But hey, social skills aren’t exactly part of my superpowers so I may stick with loneliness a little more.

I have work to do, life work. The kind that’s gonna help you put your existence in a new better trail. Watch me finally put it all together at 31. 

Princess and I will spend tomorrow out demonstrating to remember and never forget victims from mafia, because you better start young to have a strong conscience.

Oh and yes. Currently listening to Elton John.