On the matter of people’s strangeness 

It’s six and an half in the morning and I’m on a train. I just finished a beautiful, beautiful book, I’m reading the newspaper and wondering why do people have such ability to disregard what’s appropriate or not on the matter of food habits. The other day I went to a coffee shop, ordered a coffe and then asked for some eventual gluten free sweet. I was answered “we also have a large choice of vegan ones”. I wondered how could someone compare a diet choice with a health condition that wouldn’t allow a specific gamme of products.

Then some days later I came across an article about how gluten free diet was starting to be a trend, then again, in the “lifestyle” section of the newspaper. Well. Being celiac is not a lifestyle, it is not a choice, it is very serious malabsorption condition. My child would be underweight and underdeveloped since we figured out what her problem was. And I would suffer tremendous muscles and ligatures pain for years along with being subjected to very heavy medical treatment before I came to know that my Behçet disease was the result of being celiac without knowing it.

So who on its right mind would generalize that the gluten free living is a trend? Gluten free products are not only extremely expensive but also for the most, not particularly tasteful. Anyone who has try them once know it. Gluten free bread is for the most unbeatable. Same for a lot of other products. 

So it irritates me lot to have pair with the vegan diet, which I know loads about, having being vegan for six and more years, back when it wasn’t fashion at all, all costed lot and you were looked at as an alien or a complete moron. Being vegan a choice, being on gluten free diet is not, let alone if you’re stupid enough to subject yourself to such treatment for masochist purposes.

All that been said, I’m planning two days in Venice for the Biennale.