The perfection of others

When you’re on the web you question yourself a lot. At least I do. Especially when I see mothers and family with kids. 

Especially when I see family with what seems to a perfect life, a very neat house, cute kids in any situation.

I used to feel failure on my shoulders back in time, I am now more indulgent with myself, I realize those people live in completely different conditions than me. They’re for the most stay at home moms, they have wealthy husbands, live near by their relatives, share two cars, can afford at least a maid, can probably shop for kids clothes in better places than I do. 

They have minimalist houses but they don’t read so they don’t have tones of books to store as I do. They submit their children to the web parade making them pose for very specific cool family pictures and wear matched clothes (hello individuality). 

So yes, I may be a bit anxious about all the imperfections of my life but I do feel like I’m doing the things the best I can. Or at least that’s what I tell myself but who knows? Maybe I’m having it all wrong and should have a paper like house and Club Med adverts kids.