What changes and what not

El is now in Elementary school. It amazes me because in my own life nothing was more important than school impact upon my life. I loved it. Everyday till the last day, without exception. 

She will learn so much, it is going to be as great as it was back then.

I never really went to school in Italy, apart from the first year which I have fragmented memories due to the fact I had other problems to focus on back then. 

But I could talk hours about French school. Here I feel the difference, I reckon El could find her place more than I ever did. But on the first day I smiled at the similarities, most of all the chance to have a multicultural class. Untill now she has been in private school, I chose public in the hope of having her in an environment more likely to resemble the world she lives in. We live in a nice neighborhood, very differently from where I lived back in my school days, so, let’s trust the institution.

I see flaws in it as I do in pretty much everything, but I’ll give it a try. In the end when I was a kid, pulic school was the only school and we didn’t end up nor stupid nor traumatized. There was far less care for our personal development to be honest but we didn’t resent. Or at least I can’t remember we did. Somehow today all is happiness and self development. Sure some progress are welcome but sometimes too much is too much. 

Anyway, may learning be blessed, always.