Happy days, whatever the “but”

We had two strange days.

Tati started to have fever on Saturday afternoon, didn’t sleep until 3 in the morning, Bb got a gluten intoxication at lunch so at 4 in the morning she got badly sick.


We had a wonderful Christmas eve dinner in our little house with a lot of good sea food on our little table.

Let alone the night we woke up in harmony to unpack all the gifts the girls had received by Santa here at home (two rounds more tomorrow with all the gifts he left at the grandparents houses).

I wish everything had been perfect but with a sick toddler nothing was easy and we didn’t have a true Christmas lunch. But the girls were happy, no matter how down I may have been deep inside.

Still we had our traditional sicilian dish in the evening, everyone loved it, thanks to grandma for exact process.

We all slept so today we went for a little walk in the park.

I love parks in the winter.

So in the end?

It was an imperfect happy Christmas. 



Of things I have this Christmas that I didn’t had the last one. 

A job that actually gives me money to live.

A job that is very satisfactory.

The security of a house I will not be forced to leave due to financial difficulties.

Enough gifts for my children under the Christmas tree.

The certainty of days of calm and quiet and complete relax ahead of me.

A lot of wonderful helping people met at my workplace.

A feeling of total emotional independence.

My family coming to visit in a few day and the prospective of a three days holiday for New Year’s eve.

The greatest love of all.

(My mom’s Christmas tree)

The magic in a kid’s eyes


We went to the Christmas village today, despite my usual stress about being in crowded places and how unsafe our good old Europe feels recently.

And we had a good time. But like a really good one. The girls got all excited and enjoyed every part of it.

It wasn’t commercial or anything, it was just all cute and believable El took it for completely real and she’s not easy to fool.

Going in the morning made it less crowded (by the end of the visit it was packed anyway). I love the idea of keeping the Christmas spirit in the house and our family life. 

I know, not the religious part of it but the concept of family and fraternity Christmas speaks about.

The dream. The dream of having an old man bringing presents to all the kids in the world. What’s more beautiful? Gifts without actual reason. Equality in receiving them.

This year is going to be different for us. We’re not traveling anywhere. We’re staying at home, just the three of us. I was genuinely too tired to engage in some 10 hours train trip back and forth in around 48hours. And I think we need exclusive time together, I work a lot, the girls go to school. Two days just for us, eating fish on Christmas eve, unwrapping presents on Sunday morning,drawing, playing, having homemade hot chocolate…

So. Have the greatest time of all with your family. The rest is nothing.

The red and the green

I just love Christmas. And Christmas decorations. I love the warm feeling they bring into any house.

I don’t have a big house. Nor a fancy one to be honest. But it’s the best I could have and it’s lovely, tho I’m constantly working on it.

Just today we started talking Christmas family organization. As much as I love to be with my mother and grandmother at that time of the year, I must also admit I’m tired. I need rest, sleep, very little stress. I’d also maybe like some solo time with my girls.

We’ll see what we will come up with. At the same time the end of the year will be spent in the mountains, surrounded by snow. As for doing something different and for the girls to see their dad, working up there.

Now I just want to start baking things and eat them with the girls along with some fresh milk with honey.

I understand the wish for change of today but don’t forget to look in the past to bring back to life festive spirit and harmony, commitment to the loved ones whether they’re close to you or far away.

Passing days

Those days has been pretty intense. 

On the optics of rationalizing our home, I’m making space, rearranging furniture, finding small spaces and interior solutions as well as getting rid of all things we don’t need.

The girls room had a restyling. A personal space for each and a toddler bed for Tati, at last.

And obviously I didn’t had any time to work on my wardrobe. I put all their stuff and home stuff in order but could not take a time for mine.

Well, next week end.

In the meantime school is reminding me Christmas is coming soon. 

Our tree will be a lot smaller but we are going to enjoy every part of making it.

Christmas kid’s art game is going strong around here.

Tomorrow I have El Elementary school meeting. I’m currently considering two different Montessori schools. We’ll see what I’ll like and eventually dislike about both of them. I’m staying positive that we will find a school that can fit that little high cognitive potential sweetie.

Meanwhile Tati