The lost pieces

It has been a long summer that can pretty much be resumed by this picture of my sweating by 40 degrees and painting the house

Or also this one of me collapsing on the floor by posing 80m2 of pvc strips.

Which was how I for the most spent my time between July and August.

So I missed an interesting article I wanted to write on my birthday about how when you’re after 30 you start stating “where I was 10 years ago” instead of “where I was last year”. Then it came to my mind where I effectively was ten years ago. In Paris. Ruining my sentimental life for the years to come due to a single kiss. Which made me realize over the years that Dawson’s Creek was fucking right: don’t ever kiss light hearted. NEVER.
My vacations had been very short. But good anyway.

The girls have been in Paris for the first time, then in the mountains, a very long and good summer for them. So the rest doesn’t really matter, right?

We will be moving in two weeks I guess and there is nothing done for now. I will improvise like always.

Oh and I read very good books.

Currently this one:


The magic in a kid’s eyes


We went to the Christmas village today, despite my usual stress about being in crowded places and how unsafe our good old Europe feels recently.

And we had a good time. But like a really good one. The girls got all excited and enjoyed every part of it.

It wasn’t commercial or anything, it was just all cute and believable El took it for completely real and she’s not easy to fool.

Going in the morning made it less crowded (by the end of the visit it was packed anyway). I love the idea of keeping the Christmas spirit in the house and our family life. 

I know, not the religious part of it but the concept of family and fraternity Christmas speaks about.

The dream. The dream of having an old man bringing presents to all the kids in the world. What’s more beautiful? Gifts without actual reason. Equality in receiving them.

This year is going to be different for us. We’re not traveling anywhere. We’re staying at home, just the three of us. I was genuinely too tired to engage in some 10 hours train trip back and forth in around 48hours. And I think we need exclusive time together, I work a lot, the girls go to school. Two days just for us, eating fish on Christmas eve, unwrapping presents on Sunday morning,drawing, playing, having homemade hot chocolate…

So. Have the greatest time of all with your family. The rest is nothing.