On why I left social networks and opened a blog

Before the involution, the evolution.

I joined Myspace back in 2006, mostly to connect to the international underground music scene, and I believe that platform has been my best social network experience so far. Maybe because I am a music lover, maybe because the interactions were not immediate chatting like most of the sns today.

I’ve been on and off Facebook for some years, never liked how it worked, how cold it looks, nor that I was forced to share personal informations about my name and the place I lived in. Eventually people i didn’t want to find me, did it. So my experience has been negative for the most.

I’ve come on Twitter five years ago. It helped me keep in touch with a big amount of  completely independent news feeds.

Instagram is a nice network. But it feeds the ego.

I’ve had a LiveJournal from 2008 to 2013 that I deleted recently because it described a part of my life that is far gone now. So I will put my IG on hold, my Twitter will still be online to share the posts I’ll start writing here from now on, I will eventually delete both apps from my phone.


I don’t need social medias. I don’t want them.

Not that I have an extraordinary life. I have hobbies, mostly passions. Food, which I work with as a manager. Green economy, social sharing, geopolitics. Also literature, art and cinema, alternative living (our house is tv free, we do our own yoghurt, aroms, buy km0 organic vegetables/fruits, the toys are strictly chosen).

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